Vail School District Online Summer School 2021

*If you are taking two .5 credit courses the first course must be completed by June 23rd and the second must be completed by July 16th.


All Classes Are Online


Summer session begins on June 1st through July 16th      

Register by May 25th for a guaranteed June 1 start date. All later registrations may have a later start date.


All classes will be free for the summer of 2021

Course Offerings For Credit Advancement:

*Students enrolled in credit advancement courses may only take one class at a time

High School .5 Electives

Career Explorations
Personal Finance

Nutrition and Fitness A
Nutrition and Fitness B
Business Management A
Business Management B

Strategies for Academic Success
Leadership – CHS, MMHS, & APHS ONLY
Marketing A
Marketing B

ACT Mathematics
ASVAB Mathematics
Game Development
Creative Writing

High School Courses with 2 Semesters*

*Semester A classes need to be finished by June 23rd to start your Semester B class and have it completed by July 16th.

English 1A
English 1B
English 2A
English 2B
English 3A
English 3B
English 4A
English 4B
Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B
Algebra 2A
Algebra 2B
Algebra 3A
Algebra 3B

Geometry A
Geometry B
Statistics A
Statistics B
Pre-Calculus A
Pre-Calculus B
Physics 1A
Physics 1B
Physics 2A
Physics 2B
Chemistry A
Chemistry B
Biology A
Biology B

Ecology A
Ecology B
US History A
US History B
World History A
World History B
Government A
Government B
Art: Survey of Art A
Art: Survey of Art B
Spanish 1A
Spanish 1B
Spanish 2A
Spanish 2B

Spanish 3A
Spanish 3B
French 1A
French 1B
French 2A
French 2B
German 1A
German 1B
German 2A
German 2B

Course Offerings For Credit Recovery:

English 1 A
English 1 B
English 2 A
English 2 B
English 3 A
English 3 B
English 4 A
English 4 B

Biology A
Biology B
World History A
World History B
Freshman Physics A
Freshman Physics B

Algebra 1 A
Algebra 1 B
Algebra 2 A
Algebra 2 B
Geometry A
Geometry B
US History A
US History B

Government A
Government B

Office Hours:  

Teachers will conduct all office hours/meetings online and will establish times and dates with each student.

Important Information:  

All high school students from Vail Unified School District and out of district may enroll.

Any/all discipline problems are grounds for immediate dismissal. (i.e. fighting, insubordination, illegal substances, disruptive behavior, etc.)      

Summer School grades will be on your official high school transcripts.

Spots are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Note to Athletes:

Some classes are not NCAA approved. Please check with our staff if this is a requirement for you.